If you do not know your ring size at all please visit and you can find out what size ring you are already wearing, or you can measure it yourself using the guide your Ring Size-

Kindly read following instructions to know your Ring Size-

Kindly read the following instructions to know your Ring Size-

Place a existing ring above the scale and note the inner diameter in mm.
Use the ring size chart to check the size in mm against the preferred column.

On each ring product you will be able to choose which ring size you require.  They are listed in Diameter (mm) sizes (for example US size 3= 14mm) as follow :-


Australia/UK Diameter (mm)
3 F 14
3.5 G 14.4
4 H 14.8
4.5 I 15.2
5 J 15.6
5.5 K 16
6 L 16.45
6.5 M 16.9
7 N 17.3
7.5 O 17.7
8 P 18.2
8.5 Q 18.6
9 R 19
9.5 S 19.4
10 T 19.8
10.5 U 20.2
11 V 20.6
11.5 W 21
12 X 21.4
12.5 Y 21.8
13 Z 22.2

To determine the diameter, measure across the inside circle of a ring that fits comfortably

*If you know your ring size but in a different format (e.g. UK size, millimetres) please see the conversion below.

  • EXTRA SMALL = US SIZE 5UK SIZE J = EUR 49 = 15.75mm
  • SMALL = US SIZE 6UK SIZE L = EUR 51 = 16.5mm
  • MEDIUM = US SIZE 7UK SIZE N = EUR 54 = 17.5mm
  • LARGE = US SIZE 8UK SIZE P = EUR 57 = 18.25mm
  • EXTRA LARGE = US SIZE 9UK SIZE R = EUR 59 = 19mm
  • XXL = US SIZE 10UK SIZE T = EUR 62 = 20mm

NECKLACES / CHOKERS On each product page the length of the necklace chain or choker will be stated. They are all measured in inches. All of our silver plated necklaces(18″) , black necklaces (18″) and black chokers (13″) are a specific length but have an adjustable extender. Our sterling silver necklaces are one length (18″ & not adjustable).

BRACELETS/ANKLETS Most of our bracelets and anklets are adjustable and you can wear them at the size you choose. If they are not adjustable the length will be stated on each individual product page
NEED MORE HELP? If you need more information about sizing please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

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